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  1. Carsten Pries: Future (next?) 4-cylinder M3/M4 is possible!
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  14. Will the G80 switch to a ZF AT or continue with a DCT?
  15. Anyone heard of specs for new G series M for 2020?
  16. Tobias Moers:Next generation (W206) Mercedes-AMG C Class to go hybrid, drop cylinders
  17. What's holding you over until the next M3/M4?
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  20. G80 M3 vs. Tesla Model 3 Performance
  21. Will the new M3/M4 have digital gauges?
  22. G82 M4 Release Date?
  23. Autocar rumors: G80 M3 may get active rear steering, 465hp, be lighter than F80 M3 CS
  24. POLL: How Important is the Manual Gearbox?
  25. M3/M4 Differentiation
  26. I predict that the G80, like the G20, will have "conjoined grills"
  27. G80 M3 to have Tri-Turbo setup?
  28. 563-horsepower Infiniti Q60 Black S prototype bound for Paris auto show
  29. G80 M3 Renderings
  30. G86 M4 GC - could it happen?
  31. Anyone else worried the G80 will not be aggressive/distinguished enough?
  32. Will the G82 M4 GTS also switch to a ZF AT?
  33. DCT or Traditional AT?
  34. G80 M3 / G82 M4 News Update: Competition Model, RWD and xDrive, manual still alive!
  35. Exhaust needs to sound better
  36. BMW, can we please have back to back easy launches like with the Golf R?
  37. Next generation M3/M4 to be a hybrid?
  38. Rumor: BMW M3 Touring Being Considered
  39. If interested in buying a future M3 Touring, please vote
  40. I hope passive suspension is still available on the G80
  41. Further proof CSL M models are coming...
  42. BMW Boss Promises a Manual Transmission in the G82 M4
  43. What, if anything, does the weight of the new Porsche 911 mean for the next M3/4?
  44. Will the G80 have Active Sound?
  45. How do I pre-order a G80 today?
  46. Didn't the last two M3 generations have 6 year runs?
  47. Will the G80 M3 also be built in Mexico?
  48. Likelihood of Yas Marina Blue being a standard color on G80?
  49. G80 M3/M4 info from Car Magazine, Including No Frills Manual-Only Rear-Drive Version
  50. Will the "Pure" version of the S58 be tunable to the same hp as the other versions?
  51. Newest info updates: G80 M3 Pure, Base and Competition models (Updated May 20, 2019)
  52. Should I wait for the new M3/M4 or jump ship?
  53. Would you get a G80/G82 RWD MT, RWD AT, or AWD AT?
  54. 8AT Rev Limit vs S58 on G8x?
  55. Autojunk.nl G80 spy shots
  56. Will the Pure model be naturally aspirated? Update: Heh. Nope.
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  58. S58 Engine: Specs and First Look!
  59. Estimated G80 fuel consumption/CO2 emissions
  60. Estimated G80 starting MSRP
  61. Wheel Displacement/Lug Fitment?
  62. When do you think the G82 M4 CS will come out?
  63. Carsten Pries BMW M Product Head Confirms AWD and More For G80 M3
  64. G80 M3 and G82 M4 Will Share Front Ends With Larger and Taller Kidney Grilles
  65. How long do you keep your Ms?
  66. BMW prototype testing videos including G80 M3, M8, etc. *SOUND*
  67. Why not a DCT and MT in one transmission?
  68. G80 M3 First Look Leak?!
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  70. Transition to G80 M3 from F80 M3 with help of G30
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  74. Based on my experience with the G20 330i xDrive, I think the G80 will be impressive
  75. My G80 drawing/rendering using i4 grilles
  76. G80 M3 Rendering by kolesa.ru
  77. Iím considering a Mercedes AMG if I donít like the G80 M3
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  89. Concerned about the S58 after drag racing in an X3M/X4M
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  91. How about the Cadillac CT4-V "Blackwing"?
  92. BMW M CEO reassures manual transmission is coming to G80 M3 / G82 M4
  93. I'm not interested in AWD
  94. Cross-shopping the C8 Corvette with the G82 M4
  95. I got interior pictures of a G80 test mule with a manual transmission
  96. I will only buy a G80 M3 if...
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  98. Car Magazine: New 2020 BMW M3: Choice of 480 or 510bhp, 2WD or 4WD confirmed