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Is the media machine about to turn on Joe? Has someone else been anointed already?

ABC going after Joe regarding China Ukraine dealings.

LLAMAS (voice over): Was Hunter Biden profiting off his dad’s work as vice president, and did Joe Biden allow it? We’re talking about millions of dollars in at least two countries.

LLAMAS (to Biden): Mr. Vice President, Tom Llamas at ABC News, how you doing? Got a quick question for you.

LLAMAS (voice over): It’s a question we tried to ask repeatedly —

LLAMAS (to Biden): Can we ask you about Ukraine and China?

LLAMAS (voice over): But kept getting blocked. One person who did not want to talk about it: Joe Biden.

LLAMAS (to Biden): Mr. Vice President, what’s your take on that?

BIDEN: (silence)

LLAMAS (to Biden): Was there a conflict of interest there?

BIDEN: (silence)

LLAMAS (to Biden): Was there a clear conflict of interest?

Uht oh.
If they headhunt Joe, I think they'll kill their only chance.
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