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The primary point was that DESPITE the bias, they concluded that there was not sufficient conduct to warrant a recommendation of prosecution.
For conspiracy with the Russians, yes you are right, they concluded insufficient evidence -- or as Trump calls it, total exoneration. For the investigation into obstruction that is not the conclusion.
My understanding is that for an obstruction charge to be plausible, a person had to have tried to obstruct an action with corrupt intent. The corrupt intent being to conceal an underlying crime of which they are also guilty. In this case there was no evidence of conspiracy, the underlying crime also investigated and therefore no corrupt intent and therefore no obstruction charge. If there had been actual conspiracy, the same actions WOULD have led to an obstruction charge since the intent of the concealment was corrupt in nature in order to obstruct the discovery of an actual crime.
As I argued earlier, how do we know the obstruction didn't succeed?
Because the evidence collected thus far does not support that.

How do we know that you're not a serial killer who's hidden all the evidence of your crimes and avoided being caught? We don't, and we can't preemptively jail you on the off chance that that may be the case until evidence supporting it comes to light
Having said that, if conspiratorial evidence is found and therefore the corrupt intent necessary for obstruction is found, I would fully support adding obstruction to the conspiracy charges.
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