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Well I'm actually a doctor...yet I agree with posters above me. Take information on the internet LIKE A GRAIN OF SALT. You need to find a neurologist for treatment-resistant episley who will have clinical practice and dosing and treating patients with alternative therapies. Its not like, I can open a physician's desk reference and get a black and white answer. Diseases such as epilepsy and cancer should we be left to experts with clinical practice history, versus answers on an internet forum in any stretch.

I will say this, it epilepsy is very uncontrolled, you kind of try anything that will work. Which is why I kept saying risk vs benefit!!!!

You can't just make blanket statements on what works and doesn't if you don't consider patient specific factors.

This is very common in neurologic disease states where once you begin targeting upstream actions, the downstream ( more side effects) become widespread.

Hey if the administration of CBD/THC ie., causes a reduction of remission of target symptoms (seizures) ill bet my ass, someone will take the CBD over seizes all day.

Also FYI seizure drugs are some of the wildest drugs you can put in your body. Most are also bi-polar (mania) drugs. The auto-induce their own metabolisms, cause other shit in your body to metabolize, can cause psychosis, depression, suicide, bone marrow suppression, toxic epidermal necrolysis (sp).....its just fascinating how misinformed people are. Since its FDA approved its safe