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Originally Posted by nullrouted View Post
Man, reading this thread is so much fail.

This is an INTERNET FORUM, people, or more accurately a SUB-FORUM dedicated to the highly contentious topics of Politics/Religion. We have lost our 1st Amendment rights almost everywhere else -- and now we're gonna celebrate losing them on the INTERNET? Really? You people need to get your heads examined.

Does a post offend you? Don't read it! Does a thread topic offend you? Don't open it! Or better yet -- make a better argument to the contrary and join the debate!

Sad that there is no place for free expression in this world anymore, everything (even FACTS) is/are called 'racism' - 'sexism' - 'bigotry' - 'homophobia' - Essentially there is no way to have a reasoned, critical debate of the issues anymore without someone (generally the loser of the argument) crying foul and using hyperbolic PC terms to describe the winner.
Yep, this is amerikkkan idiocracy.
I couldn't have said/shouted/wrote/typed/thought/spelled it better myself.
How hilarious is it that the most uncensored place on the entire internet is a place 4 year old children can go freely... YouTube.

Ever read the comments there?
Nothing but racism, sexism, ....phobia, and not a single moderator in sight.