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Originally Posted by SoCalS2k View Post
You are all falsely blaming some imaginary tax!

What about the real out of control spending? Trump had a second record breaking year of destroying our economy with crazy debt and deficit! But it's all quiet from you guys why because it's trump? Lol. But you get all crazy from some imaginary tax that is not really and wouldn't ever happen.

You all have to put energy into stopping trump and his actual real insane spending!
I have called out Trump many times with respect to his and the current Republican congress spending and how it is no where near fiscally conservative. If you would read my posts, you would know this.

Irrespective of how bad Trump is doing (or good, depending on who you ask), one cannot deny that the current socialized medical programs being pushed by the current 2020 Democrat candidates are horrific and would decimate this country.

I can admit that Trump has done many things wrong but can also admit that the current democrat candidates to replace him (other than perhaps Biden) are also terrible.

The question is, my friend, can you?
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