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I could go to school but the degree won't go me progress to were I want to be.

I've spoken to the GM at my job, the GM at a Mercedes dealership and the GM at a BMW dealership. All of them said a college degree doesn't matter when it comes time to hire someone for a manager position. What matters is how much experience the client has in the car sales industry.

So, if I do end up going to school and working I'll mostly drop school. I tried it before and stopped going to college... Idk I think I've just lost all interest in college
Well if that's the case then you have your answer about what to do about college. How you manage that situation with your parents so they get off your back is another matter.

Before you throw the notion of 2 more years of college out the window, please consider a couple of things:

Ask these GMs that told you a degree isn't important if they they got a degree. If the answer is no, I would question the validity of their advice for YOUR future.

Also consider that how cars are sold, both new and used, is rapidly changing. Just take a look at how its changed in the past 10 years. You want to be on the winning side of whatever changes are coming. An education could possibly give you an advantage.

Look, if you are dead set against investing a couple of more years in education, I would say don't do it just for your parent's sake. It's much easier to accomplish if you actually want it for yourself. I gave this advice to both my kids and they both decided on their own to get college degrees and they are doing great in their careers.

Whatever you do, best of luck!
The GM at My dealership only went to community College. The GM at BMW went go College in India. GM at Mercedes has a College degree in business