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Originally Posted by ruxp View Post
Would you say the same about a Ferrari, or a Porsche 911 GT3? What's the purpose of buying those cars?

Also, you apparently drive a 2001 330. What are you being a snob about?
Both of the cars you have mentioned cost much more money than any car in the current discussion. As a function of the cost, the buyers may have priorities or preferences that lie outside the realm of reasonable. Or, another way to say it is that they have enough money to throw on a $300k supercar without a real need or reason. More just because they want it, but this could also be classified as mid-life crisis some (not all) of the time. (This statement is of course excluding the primary purpose of those cars, which is to be tracked. As outlined by the original posts that sparked the discussion.)

As for my 330ci, I like my car. It's been a fantastic car, and I've had no real issue with it at all (knocks on wood). I also don't consider myself to be a snob, in that I am providing reasoning to back up my position in this discussion. Snobbery would be saying this is how it is, simply because.

This is a discussion by the way. I say something, then you say something that may or may not alter my opinion or make me come to another further conclusion which then advances the discussion in a repetitious manner.