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Originally Posted by R3dliner View Post
Let's just say I'm a expert snowboarder. Diamonds are usually not fun due to the vertical and moguls which are strictly for skiiers. I like to bomb down the mountain trying hit 60+ mph
Fair enough ... I'm a skier, not boarder and I prefer bombing down the mountain to moguls and stuff these days too (battered knees and all).

There's tons of variety at both mountains. The glaciers at Blackcomb but especially the bowls at Whistler. There's tons of great stuff.

The one run you have to try on Whistler if you like fast is the Dave Murray Downhill (named after the legendary Crazy Canuck and follows the run used for the World Cup downhill races whenever they've been run in Whistler and was also used for the 2010 Olympics downhill and Super-G races). It's at the top of a chair you won't use much called Garbanzo (just off to the right). You can also get there from top of the Village Gondola by taking Upper Whiskey Jack. If you like speed, it's an absolute must do!