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Originally Posted by M_Bimmer View Post
Maybe one of the "appreciate" members on Post #2 should call up BMW CCA and let them know you think it's "corny" for anything other than an ///M Badge from BMW to use the three //M colors......

Since you know better, please make sure you stop me when you see me driving around, and remind me that I'm a "fake" enthusiast.

{Come on, say it, "X5///M's are "fake" ///M's"
I didn't appreciate post #2, but yes, still corny; regardless of of your membership to anything. Your membership to BMW CCA means nothing other than you paid to be in a car club. Congrats I guess. Membership to BMW CCA must mean that you enjoy your car WAY more than everyone else does huh? I suppose because they didn't pay to be in CCA that they aren't nearly the level of enthusiast you are.
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We're Americans. Leave your logic and science witchcraft out of this! Jesus and guns are all we need.