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Originally Posted by Alfisti View Post
We can hammer them all we like but they are selling more vehicles than they can make, even pre-covid. They are on fire.
I wouldn't say they are on fire like they were most of last decade when they were breaking year over year records. There are on the back side of their peak as sales were starting to slide just before the pandemic. They are still very popular in certain states and I have no doubt that this new WRX will sell very well as while this car no longer represents what enthusiast want in a sporty sedan it does represent what a lot of today's CUV/SUV buyers want which is rugged outdoorsy looks. I will go on record and say I just don't like the black plastic cladding on a car as it looks cheap but will reserve judgement for when I see in person. My opinion really doesn't matter as I would always bypass WRX straight to STI if I was going this direction but there's a lot of Subaru people that will probably love this look and good for them I guess.