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You can eat well, take magnesium, Vitamion B's, exercise, and do all the right things but it still may not be enough. I have suffered anxiety off and on for decades. I am 72. I do and did all the right things. For over 30 years I ran 1200 to 1700 miles per year. It helped for sure but really not enough.

About 5 years ago it got really bad. And yes I still exercised 5 times per week.

I finally started taking Celexia (I do the generic-Citalophram). I did 20 mg/per day for a while and then upped it to 30mg/day. It has totally changed my life. It is not habit forming and does not become less effective over years like Xanix.

"Celexa balances your level of serotonin, a naturally occurring chemical substance or neurotransmitter in the brain." Its easy for folks to shun these drugs and criticize others for using them. They have not walked in the shoes of those who simply need medication. So-yes-try the exercise, meditation, diet, etc. But if you still suffer, go to a competent doc and explore alternatives.