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Originally Posted by gonzo View Post
Innocent people with an ego the size of Venus may act this way...

I'm giving this another couple of months, either way. Mueller, I highly doubt, wants any sort of election interference monikers tagged on his resume.
Then again, it may still be ruling the news NEXT August.
What's likely to happen is they'll close the investigation with some kind of caveat that while there's a hint of obstruction, no other evidence was found of Russian/Trump administration collusion. There will be some strongly worded release sort of like what Comey did regarding the Hillary investigation. While nothing concrete was found..still blah blah blah.

There's no way Mueller and the boys can come up with a big goose egg at this point. They'll try to point to something so all the mind controlled lemmings can go "AH HA SEE!!!". That way they can feel good about not lying to themselves for the past two years and go to bed at night still believing the DNC concocted fairy tale that Trump colluded with the Russians.