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Originally Posted by usshelena725 View Post
Okay, so I thought I would draft a post regarding all the 'never-Trump' comments and threads we see around here. I hear so many talk endlessly about how terrible Trump is, yet they never offer an alternative option. I am not a huge fan of Trump at all, but admit that he has done some good things for our country so far in addition to some not so good ones. It's a mix in my mind, but I still think he is far better than the alternative at the time of Hillary Clinton.

That being said, let's here who you would want to run and win for the next election - or in a hypothetical world, who you would pick to replace him tomorrow under the assumption that it was possible. Be sure to include a sentence or two as to why you make your choice. Feel free to add a couple options and then add a third option as a (dream candidate), one who would probably never run for the office or win, but that you wish would - and why.

I'll go first - here are my top two candidates to replace Trump:

1) Condoleezza Rice
2) John Bolton

Why? Rice is a strong fiscal conservative and a mild war hawk who will try diplomatic solutions first but not hesitate to use force when needed. I think she is a solid, reliable, honest person with a good heart to do the right thing for the country. Bolton to me, is just a bad-ass. I love that he puts up with zero crap and really tells it like it is. He is a bit more hawkish, but also strongly conservative when it comes to economic issues.

My dream pick:

3) John Stossel

Why? Love this guy, as he really is a true conservative libertarian. Has my mindset of basically telling the government to piss off and do as little as possible and let the market sort things out. He would never run or win if he did, but it would be awesome in a dream world.

How about yours? two picks would probably be:
- Mike Pence
- Ben Shapiro

Why - Mike is nicely conservative. He'll piss off a bunch with his religious views, but I'm quite ok with them. And I don't think he'll mouth off on Twitter, and honestly probably could be good for America.

Ben Shapiro is just an interesting way of looking at things sometimes. I don't agree with everything he says, but he's pretty quick witted it appears.

My DREAM pick though would be:
- Joekerr. He's a solid, dependable character, educated, but not too much so that he's removed from society, likes cars and other words he's just about perfect.

Except for a niggling little birth certificate issue.
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he's Canadian. By international law we all must worship him and all other products of the country.