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Originally Posted by Sea-Tac View Post
Even though I was completely innocent I served four and half years in Chino prison in California. While incarcerated my wife of three years took up with the landlord because it was difficult for her to pay the rent and feed and clothe the 5 children. Making license plates I earned $1.45 an hour and I sent most of my monthly pay check to her, less enough enough for Snicker's Bars and Mall-o-Mars that I would buy at the commissary every Tuesday and Thursday. But what I sent home wasn't enough to pay the rent. Anyway, she got free rent for about 3 years from the landlord which I suppose is good and then one day at the grocery store she fell in love with the butcher his name was Richard but every one, I guess, called him Dick the Butcher. He gave her a lot of free meat she said. And if I recall correctly she really liked eating meat. So she dumped the landlord and moved in with the butcher. She lived with him for about a year till she decided to move back to Saskatchewan to live with her old boyfriend who she was seeing before we met . Then one Sunday, Sunday was family visiting day, just before I was released, she told me she was pregnant. She said she was having twins. Probably because she must have done it twice in one night. Well, I, of course knew they wasn't my kids, because I had been celebrate, so to speak, just like the priests who aren't allowed to get married or have sex or anything, because they are supposed to be celebrate. Besides i was raised Baptist and it was a sin to do the things they were doing in jail and I never really liked doing it that way anyhow. Just never seemed natural to me. But it seems natural enough at Chino because everyone was just about doing it like every 30 minutes or so. Anyway, now I'm all alone with the kids (none of them are mine) - Bam Bam, she's 16, Billy Joanne, she's 14 and I think she is pregnant. Laura Liyn, 12, Baby Doll, 11 and going on 18 if you know what I mean, and Peggy Suzanne- she's 9 and she cooks dinner every night. Well, maybe one day I'll meet up with a real good looker with teeth this time. You never know but If you know of hot little momma please let me know.
Wow....that was fantastic.