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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post
It does. You have to go through lots of coal to get to the diamond. It's so interesting in that it's similar to how we dated in college, not how the whippersnappers (quoting UncleWede here) date today. In college it's a bit like two parallel lines of people marching in opposite directions in that you have high levels of semi-fleeting contact with a few sticking as you gain friendships with the exception of fraternities and sororities. Once school is over you have clusters of people in small groups due to work contact. This is why dating as an adult is so challenging. The dating sites move you back to the former state and increase contact probability. I'm actually thinking of writing a paper on the phenomenon. I don't know if one has been written but I've often thought of this and it was anecdotally confirmed through my own use.

Its easy to see why one might resort to escorts and hookers, haha. There has to be a reason why its called "the world's oldest profession" and it may be practiced by many of the fairer sex although simply labeled differently.