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I really don't understand why people buy and wear fakes or counterfeit products.

From beginning to end, fake/counterfeit products are made to deceive people for one reason or another.

People who make them are stealing the name and design or the people or corporation who owns the applicable trademarks, copyrights, patents, etc.

People who buy them are [attempting to]deceive everyone around them by wearing/using it. If you are wearing a "Rolex" that wasn't made by Rolex, it's a counterfeit. The person wearing it knows this yet they are trying to pass it off as the original. Even if they are quick to admit it's a fake, why would they patronize a business that has no regard to the work of another?

For some, they may want a Rolex look without paying the Rolex price but there are plenty of watch manufacturers that have copied designs of Rolex without using the name. If it's the name they want, then that comes at a price.

People can argue whether watches are worth it's price. Thats fine with me - it might not be worth it to some but there are plenty that find the value in its name and price. It doesn't have to equal the cost of raw goods, it could have 800% markup and it still doesn't matter.

Like the Picasso napkin story, a company like Rolex has "earned" their right to charge their prices because the movement, the materials, and the brand command a premium price.