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I don't know who's worst - someone who prides themself on being able to afford a luxury, though relatively useless item, or someone who buys a fake one at 1/50th of the cost for kicks not really believing they are fooling anyone.

I guess OP is pissed at people who do this - for devalueing the enjoyment of his hard-earned attainment.

I never understood watches, but not doubt I am a brand whore when it comes to certain things - perhaps only cars at the moment I can think of.

It all goes back to the question how do we find value and seek enjoyment in life.
Give a woman a brand name hand bag and 10/10 would like it, just some more than others.
Now is it the true properties of the luxury item you enjoy, or do you just like the feeling of having something expensive?
Like I couldn't give a damn if someone tried to knock off my car (528 ) because i know it's a different car underneath and it's just trying to look the same.. but if I were concerned other people might be less impressed by it? Maybe..