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Originally Posted by TheBingoBalls View Post
So do we know what Porsche's real involvement will be? Right now it looks like Audi is more of a team than just a name on a car.

We all thought Audi/Porsche will be bringing their own engines, but recent reports is indicating that only Audi will have their own and Red Bull Powertrains will continue their program so how does Porsche really fit into this? It would be a real shame if Porsche is taking a "back seat" to Red Bull Powertrains. I'm sure they'll have some input it's not going to be a Porsche engine unless all the reports are wrong.
Given all of the information available right now;

Alfa Romeo (Sauber) becomes Audi. They're buying out majority stake in Sauber so it will primarily be a full Audi operation.

Red Bull becomes Red Bull Porsche. RBPT has probably been built knowing that a permanent engine manufacturer is moving in - and they've probably been talking to Porsche for much longer than we think. Porsche has exactly %50 stake in RBR so they are completely equal partners - they won't be taking a back seat to anyone.