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If we are talking strictly the VR implementation within the engine... Gameplay, FFB, all that aside. Id say it is something around this order:

1: Iracing
2: Project Cars 2
3: Assetto Corsa
4: Assetto Corsa Comp

I havent played iracing in a few years but it was a great experience back then and im sure it is now.
Project Cars 2 isnt the best sim but the vr implementation is excellent imo. I know auutomobilista 2 is based on the same engine as pc2 so maybe there is something there but i have not played it yet.
AC is my all time favorite sim. I have like 600 hours? I think the VR support is good and i dont really have any day to day major issues. Mod support is the killer feature.
ACC should be above AC in the list but the general engine optimization is not great. I have a beefy ass system and still kinda runs iffy here and there. So i throw it down a peg. AC is more reliable in that sense. No mod support hurts it imo.

This is coming from a CV1 Oculus user. Which i am really wanting to upgrade, the resolution is taking a toll on me after a few years of its low res. HP Reverb 2 is suppose to be a great set and specifically for sim racing. Im concerned with using the windows vr drivers tho.