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Originally Posted by Dog Face Pony Soldier View Post
My PSA for this thread:

NJ State Troopers usually use Laser in roadside speed enforcement. You'll see them shooting the laser like a gun resting on the door.

I often see them pull to the shoulder, quickly open their door, rest their right elbow on the open window While shooting the laser rearward while still sitting in the driver's seat. They'll surely find a target in moments and they're off to the chase.

When you consider NJ is the most congested state in the country, it makes sense that they'd use laser.

All this laser enforcement is part of the reason I haven't run a front plate since 1994. They're trained to shoot at the flat-reflective plate. It's more difficult to capture speed using laser on a car without a front plate.

Also, NJ State Troopers employ unmarked cars (usually Dodge Chargers, but sometimes Camaros (especially further south)) for pacing and finding people salmoning through traffic. I notice that the area of the NJ Turnpike with separate truck-bus lanes gets much more enforcement than the car lane on weekday mornings. There's ALWAYS Troopers pulling people over in the Truck-Bus lanes near Newark and Elizabeth on weekday mornings. Be super careful over there.
ha... love your user name!

They are way heavier in truck lan always. Last night cars side was closed in that area. So....