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Originally Posted by MaximusJ View Post
One thing that helped me a lot, but I have to admit that I was kinda freaking out on the first time, was to go to an event organized by a dating agency or dating app. We have one around here that holds bi-weekly events where they do a variety of things. The one I went was at a billiard place. Everyone was marked and they were shuffling the tables every now and then so you get to play with a lot of people on the same night. This app is location based, so while you were there, you could see the profiles of pretty much anyone that was there.

I was surprised how social the people over there were. Even the guys; no bitching or fake people; just a bunch of singles having a good time and maybe get to know a few profiles that you saw a couple times. I wasnt asked even once if I had kids, what I was doing for work, nothing. Very casual. And to be honest, where it helped me the most is with my self esteem. You get to actually see that you're not that bad really

So if you see some of those in your area; kick your own butt and just go. You most probably wont come back home with a number or anything, but it definitely upped my dating game through my social skills.
I don't think my gf would be cool with me going to that

However, I wouldn't be able to bring myself to go to any sort of speed dating or group dating meet thing. No, not saying anything is wrong with it. I went to 1 of those types of things many years ago b/c we were looking for another chick to bring home & also bored (Different girl than current gf) & it is not my scene.