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Originally Posted by oVeRdOsE. View Post
hahaha , this is why I want a low end 3070 or a 3060ti. Just to have enough fps to finish cyberpunk before summer, annndddd shutdown my Pc for a while.

So since September 2020 they said 'we will restock in few weeks'; so accroding to google, june is this week new drop date.

So I'll complete cyberpunk with a 30 fps avg @low setting, and I will see if stocks will be back around november 2021.

By the mean time I will use this money in car parts
I played Cyberpunk for a few hours on my old rig and it was struggling a big, even at medium. Decided to wait for my new build. Played for about an hour on the new build. Looks and runs great but I think I'm going to just wait for more bugs and optimizations to go through. I'll try and run through my back log until then.

I was saving up to get an exhaust too but I've been dropping mad cash the last few months on so much tech stuff I'll be deep in the hole until this Christmas. The pc building bug hit me hard and I ended up buying stuff to build for my brother and sister. I actually made some videos of the builds cause I like doing that as well.