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Originally Posted by Vulpe View Post
Haha I did something similar. Upgraded my 1800x/Vega 64 to 5950x/6900xt and then just continued to use it as a Youtube/Twitch watching Reddit/Forum browsing machine. Had to force myself to start up some games to try and get hooked into one.

Been playing Spiritfarer for the past week. So at least I'm gaming, but this game could probably run on an iPhone. The GPU fans don't even turn on. Also editing videos for my random youtube videos became much snappier.
hahaha , this is why I want a low end 3070 or a 3060ti. Just to have enough fps to finish cyberpunk before summer, annndddd shutdown my Pc for a while.

So since September 2020 they said 'we will restock in few weeks'; so accroding to google, june is this week new drop date.

So I'll complete cyberpunk with a 30 fps avg @low setting, and I will see if stocks will be back around november 2021.

By the mean time I will use this money in car parts