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Originally Posted by ///WORK-F36 View Post
That Boyle hit on HIckey was dirty....forearm/elbow right to the head. Surprised they didn't call that, then Boyle goes on to score. The league should take a look at that play
I try to be partial to these sorts of things when they go against my team's favor. that said, at first, I thought the Hickey hit on Drouin was worse than the Boyle hit on Hickey. after watching both hits 20+ times on replay, the Hickey hit on Drouin was totally clean...Drouin's head was down, and very low at that, Hickey just took the angle and ran him over like a freight train. As for the Boyle hit, that one is questionable. Boyle is an enormous human being, standing at 6'7", and Hickey is listed at 6-foot, so you cannot really expect Boyle to hit him in the chest...I couldn't really ask the guy to drop down like a 12"+ to hit him in the chest. In any case, it does seem as if Boyle's arm comes up and swipes upwards on his chin/mouth/nose area. tough for the game to end as a result of the hit, but what can you do? we just gotta go out there and get what's ours tonight

Originally Posted by BayMoWe335 View Post
Awful effort by my Stars. The goalie situation could ruin them.
Stars were embarrassed in game 3. poor effort all around and you could tell frustration got to them very quickly. they did have a big turnaround in game 4 tho...huge win. they would certainly have been done for had they dropped that one, too

Originally Posted by fecurtis View Post
I'd be happy if the Caps PP could actually result in a goal for once.

That'd be lovely.
Looks like the Caps are all but done for. I'm a bit surprised, but not totally shocked. Holtby is great in net, and of course the caps have a superstar lineup of forwards, but Pittsburgh has been getting the pucks to the net and big bodies in front to screen and deflect. that seems to be the only way to beat Holtby. If you remember from last year, the Islanders went 0/14 on the PP in the series vs Washington. you simply will not win a series in this league if you're not scoring with the man advantage

Originally Posted by Kyle B View Post
Game 7 definitely won't happen. I think the Caps confidence level is right around 0.0 right now. Won't be surprised if Game 5 is a blowout, if fact I think it will be. I'll guess Caps are done game 5, final score 5-2. Pens will be up 4-0 after 2 periods.

I don't know if you frequent or not, but earlier in the season all of the commenters were concerned whether or not the league would let the Caps engrave Brooks Laich's name on the cup, because, you know, it was a LOCK that the caps were going to win it....
totally agreed. I think theres a chance that they get it to 6, but it'll never go past that. Capitals confidence is completely shot. the president's trophy curse will continue on, as will the apparent hex over the Crapitals organization that disallows them from advancing to the conference finals. still almost hard to believe that Ovi has never been there.

funny about the whole cup name engraving thing

Originally Posted by BayMoWe335 View Post
The Stars were dominant and played their game. I still think this would be an easy series if the Stars had Seguin. The Blues aren't as good offensively.

Tough game for your Sharks last night, J. stayed up late to watch the whole thing. those OT's were very exciting. you guys got completely robbed in that first OT, quite frankly...Pavelski was clearly pushed and then tripped into Rinne...there was nothing he could have done to stop himself

I'm still pulling for your sharkies in the series, but in the meantime I will be rooting for the home team in every game for the remainder (and the DAL/STL series, too), as I picked SJ (and Dallas) in 7 in my pool
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