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biggest things i cant stand are

- The guys that "Bench" a lot of weight and brag about it when really they did a half rep or their buddies had to help all the way from the chest.
- The people that set their shit on equipment, then go use something else for a few sets and get mad when you move their stuff cause you are trying to use it.
- The people who circuit train on the non circuit equipment. These are the ones that take up a bench, squat rack, cables, dumbbells, whatever else they think they need and spend an hour going between all of them. Especially when its a smaller gym with limited equipment.
- Jumpropers that always jump rope in the walking areas. I make it a game to see if I can get by without getting hit while trying to trip them up.
- people that get in the way of my line of sight of the spandex crew doing stretches all day.

Heading to the gym shortly so Im sure Ill think of more.