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lol that's a funny meme I give you that but I do have a weird feeling a surprise is coming. Republicans aren't saying anything new for the last few years. Just to build a wall (you had 4 years to make it already) and also who is your enemy (we know who you guys love and hate already) there's nothing new or shocking so maybee America gives us all a surprise
Well, I will give you that anything can happen but do you really think the dems will unite in such a way as to not scare the average voter?
I don't know politics is so crazy it's like the super bowl, somehow each teams comes up with a very good fight so I don't know what they are planning to unite with and if they will try to be more or less scary but they will come up with something and America has a way of surprising people. So many expecting trump landslide but I look and see the number of republcians on here shrinking so much and the stuff they are posting is literally the same as from 2015. Everyone is a nazi blah blah. Back then the words were new and scary and shocking so a lot of attention was gained but now we all know it's fake and nothing scary behind those words were allowed to happen so I believe the number of people supporting crazy republicans is shrinking a lot. I'm probably wrong but I do have this feeling so I will save this post just in case the feeling was right
so is SoCal channeling James Joyce here or was that post intentional?