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I think America might surprise everyone again in the next election! On this site here the number of crazy republicans is shrinking down to the same 5 people and all they do is repeat the same thing over and over again. No one listens to them because they are wrong and it's getting so old so what they say isn't shocking anymore and doesn't get attention. They've called all the same ppl and things they want as enemies as nazis already so they can't surprise anyone. I bet the same thing happens all over the country.

I have a weird feeling crazy republicans are in for a surprise
Saving this to prove that you live in an alternate reality. Didn't you disappear after the election after all of your sturm und drang?

You should look into something other than politics as a hobby or something to even comment on. You're spectacularly wrong on all things political because you are delusional.

I touched a nerve? Haha I think I'm onto something then...

Actually I predicted trump was going to win the last election hah. Show me where I said something where I was wrong about the last election? Oh yea you won't. You gonna run and hide like you always do and skip over my question.

You want us to run and disappear because you know you are a shrinking group and there are less and less people who buy your bs anymore. Sorry we are still here. Maybe the same exact 5 other ppl will appreciate your posts as usual haha nothing new and no growth from you just more crying crying crying