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Originally Posted by maul3d View Post
Funny you actually mentioned that, my wife made me watch outer banks.

So.. I was intrigued by the location. Went on and saw the beach houses, and houses in general in Carolina. Almost wanted to put a gun to my head and cry. Lol

I could sell my home here, buy a mcmansion over there and a huracan and live mortgage free .

I'm coming!!!!

Waiting for the the opportunity for the CAD peso to strengthen.. USA here I come !!

Cool thing about the upstate as we have an abundance of jobs, BMW is here and all of there suppliers...Boeing near the coast.

Cost of living is cheap, and easy access to the Outer Banks although we love vacationing in Charleston.

But we have 4 distinct seasons with Winter being more like a longer fall and only 1-2 months of it where we may some some small snowfalls.
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