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Originally Posted by DenverSteve View Post
If this were a Lexus forum, I might be right there with you. However, after sampling every luxury car over the past decade and owning many of the best...I'll let you enjoy your Lexus whenever you get one (that's what one does when one believes in the marque) and I'll stick with what I believe is the better option - BMW all day.
I never said the Lexus was the better option. Not sure why you're taking this in such a black & white manner.

I'm just looking at strengths and weaknesses objectively. I try to not have a bias. The m340i is absolutely the better car. But there's no denying that NA V8 has tons of soul that'll put a smile on anyone's face.

Think of it this way - It's kind of like manual vs. automatic. The automatic is going to be much quicker and the much better performer. But the manual offers a level of engagement and connection that the automatic can't.

It's ok to like certain things about other brands.
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