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NJ state troopers and their uniform used to scare the shit out of me. lol. Traumized. I've lived in NY, NJ, CA and PA. Only state I've been pulled over multiple times is NJ. And it's like they just can't give out one ticket. It's always something in addition to. It's a huge business for the state. I've never seen so many variety of unmarked trooper cars and SUVs. I think there are chargers, Tahoes, Explorers etc. Why do you figure taxes are so damn high in NJ. Good luck with fighting the tickets. I went to court on my own and DA reduced mine to fees only, and dismissed all the points for my speeding, license plate frame covering my state name. I was stoked with that. Saw another case that went before me where the guy pleaded not guilty for running a red light and he got crucified by the judge. lol.