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Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post

This season MAX wins always positions during the start . It looks just outstanding !

The McLaren's wont get a chance ...

Today after 30 min. and 18 laps , the first McLaren (RIC) finished 14 + sec. behind MAX .

It's very clear that HAM makes mistakes by the pressure coming from MAX !
BTW : MAX looked in top-shape , he's ready for it !
I was shocked how behind the Mclaren's were by the end of the sprint race. And Ham was not able to pass. This could work out in Max's favor if Ham gets caught behind 2 cars from same team. Go Mclaren!

Lando P2 finish would be amazing for that kid. I know my son and I will be ecstatic! We'll root for Danny Ric too lol