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Originally Posted by Killed by Death View Post
Sorry bout your Grandpa, glad he survived but we were fighting a war on two fronts without much help. Both of my uncles were Fighter Aces in the Pacific. Your narrative sounds good but Brits were just protecting their home land until we arrived and saved the day. The invasion of Europe "Operation Overlord" didn't occur without US / Canadian troops and equipment. Without us you would be speaking German right now.
THIS !!!

Long story in short :
As you guys know , in summer I drive through the Belgian Ardennes .
But I always stop to visit the American Soldier Cemetery !
I think It was in 2009/2010 that I met 'there one of the last American survivors of the "Battle of the Bulge"
He said to me : Young man .You can call me John !
I said : Ok Sir. I'm honored to meet you John. May I ask you how old you are ?
He said : I'm feeling younger than I look like , and we both laughed out loud !
I think John was +/- 90 YO , but still in good shape !
I said : John you returned to Belgium to meet and to pray for your American friends ?
He said : Ohhhh NO ! After the war I returned very quickly to Belgium , because during the war I met the love of my life and I promised her to return and so he married the Belgian Marie-Louise and got 2 sons !

John said he lost all his American friends here ,more than 3 weeks they were surrounded in the forrest by the Germans and 3 weeks they were hit day and night by non-stop German airstrikes .
John was deaf , he lost his hearing by the German bombs that's why he was wearing hearing aid on both sides .
The next summer I returned to John's house in the Ardennes . But now the door was pulled open by someone else...
John passed away in his sleep ! But they showed me his grave and I put flowers on his grave .
I met John twice and we drank Belgian beers ,and John told me WWII stories that you guys never wouldn't believe !

I really miss John ! Respect , they died to protect our freedom ! May they all RIP !!!

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