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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
If you've not driven on the NJT, there are "inside" and "outside" lanes separated by concrete "New Jersey" barriers (or at least they were back in the 1990's - I've not driven on the Turnpike in 25+ years). The inside lanes are for cars-only. The outside lanes are for cars and commercial trucks.

Late 1990's... Coming back from NYC to Maryland. I'm in the inside lanes (car-only lanes) of the NJT. I'm keeping with traffic.

In the truck/car lanes (outside-lanes) there is a NJ State LEO keeping with traffic. Behind me is a Camaro carving traffic and passes me and the LEO. The LEO in the outside lanes starts pacing the Camaro that is in the inside lanes. The Turnpike lane dividers are set up with gaps to allow egress between the outside and inside lanes. The the Camaro passes one of these gaps in the barriers, the NJ LEO at speed (north of 70MPH) glides right through the gap in the barrier without slowing, gets behind the Camaro and lights him up and pulls him over. I'm now laughing my ass off. The best cop driving move I've ever seen. I decided after than to not speed on the NJT. Do not f' with the NJ State Police.

Those are tight too. That really must have been something to see!

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