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This is NJ - that’s the state prescribed training and condoned practice for state troopers there - they illegally ticket, create dangerous situations and have the laws setup illegally & unconstitutional so you can’t even fight the bogus ticket. NJ state troopers tarnish the entire country’s police profession with their piss poor behavior, attitude and disgusting above-the-law practices.

I have been driving over 25 years throughout Northeast. I have ONE speeding ticket in 25 years. I got it at 3am in NJ driving on the highway in the right lane of a 2 lane highway. all by myself, not a car on the road. I was doing 60-65ish in cadillac. coming up from behind is a cop doing probably 120 mph and slams on his brakes next to me and dead stares me down through his passenger window, I look over a few times and smiled. he never payed attention to the road ahead of him, he was literally leaning over in the passenger seat staring me down. After the minute or two, he steps on his brakes, gets behind me then steps on the gas to the point where I swear he touched his front bumber to my rear bumper... so I sped up to get seperation - now I started to get scared as a young kid all alone on the highway at night with an aggressive cop intimidating me... he then began to swerve behind me and surge.. so I sped up a bit more... he did this f'ing with me for about 3 miles. at this point I was probably now doing 70mph ... he then flipped on his lights and pulled me over... I debated and was so close to not pulling over and getting to a public place but ended up pulling over as he broadcasted "Pull the F over" in a violently aggressive voice.

His was the biggest A-hole I ever spoke to, he insulted me and berated me - I just shut up and got my ticket fearful for way worse if I even opened my mouth.

I got out of there with 2 or 3 tickets, can't remember, but one was speeding 80mph which I never came close to, and one or two other technicals.

Being young naive and feeling I was in the right - I decided to fight the ticket - and that's when I discovered NJ has a fantastic law to prevent ticket fighting. When you go to court, if the cop doesn't show up in NJ to speak to the ticket, you get rescheduled (not dismissed). So of course he didn't show, then I have to come back in 2 months (200 mile trip)... I go the second time, he doesn't show again. the judge rules to reschedule - when I was getting my 3rd date the court clerk says "You know this will never end right? how about you pay double the fine in cash right now and we'll settle it, no points"

I paid and got the hell out of NJ - and never drove through NJ again, always went NY route to PA and beyond.

there's a reason NJ is the armpit of the northeast.

Sidebar to the story - that drive I was returning from taking a PA state trooper police exam, that was my chosen profession - after this whole incident I gave up and said if that's the police life, I want no part of it... Cut bait on 2 years of law enforcement education and training and switched professions.

I'd met a lot of people and friends with similar NJ trooper stories... this is a well known practice. NY along RT-17 from middletown to binghamton has a similar history and is known as the highest revenue generating stretch of road in the country (according to law enforcement records) but it's gotten better the past decade.

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