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Happy Days! Congrats.

I didn't realize that you had an X on order. It's going to be an extremely versatile body for you. I'm really curious to see some high-ISO action shots. It looked stupendous on DPReview.

Got my 5D MkIII yesterday. The AF is a huge improvement over my 7D, so much so that I think it'll become my default bird and wildlife body. We'll see how my keeper rate does, but I think it'll go up substantially. That AF system (which you also have) is super.

After 4-years with a 5D2 and a 7D, I'm finally getting around the Menu with some dexterity. It takes time and you have to give yourself little challenges to learn most of the functions and be able to change them quickly. Minimal skills to take advantage of all the power include:
  • Change AF point pattern without taking eye away from viewfinder.
  • Move the single-point AF point around without taking eye away from viewfinder.
  • Change aperture, ISO and/or SS without moving eye
  • MOST IMPORTANT, apply EV correction on the fly and changing shot to shot.