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Originally Posted by UltimateBMW View Post
First off, I am a fanboy. What tipped you off first? My forum name perhaps?

And your attempting to discredit my posts and my perspective in general because I typed a single wrong vowel? OH NOES! If this thread is to the point of nit-picking and grammar/spelling police. Then its time for it to die.

Yes, we do pay for service and luxury, thank you for reiterating my point.
Service? No. I had to call my CA multiple times to get info on ordering the car, when he said he would call me on any updates.

Another story. It took my dealer 2 months to get me a stupid little chrome trim piece that the seat belt guide sits on when extended. I asked them to mail it to me because my car was delivered without one (this shouldn't have even happened), and they agreed so - just give them the mileage of my car at the time.

Then for two months i keep asking and they keep telling me all this BS... like saying they couldn't ship it for insurance reasons; they thought it was a CHROME WHEEL for crying out loud; I didn't pay for it (although we agreed I shouldn't pay for it), among other sh*t. Finally, they said you need to come in to pick it up so that BMW can do a service write-up on it.

So after two months, I drive to the dealership (20 miles from work), I wait for an hour to finally speak to somebody holding hte part, and in the end it took me 2 seconds to pop it in. The kicked? They didn't have to write a service report at all. Talk about a waste of fucking time.

Luxuries? The leather in this car is horrible. It's a nicer car than my old Z in general but that's about it.

Finally, being a fanboy is just stupid. Luckily this forum caters to people like you. Not even the moderators or more knowledgeable members share that kind of "enthusiasm" you have.
"Yeah; well, my interior is better."