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Originally Posted by NewSong View Post
If you could spell "chiropractor", we might take you seriously. Otherwise your post reeks of fanboy.

"We pay more $$$ for better service, and luxury."
First off, I am a fanboy. What tipped you off first? My forum name perhaps?

And your attempting to discredit my posts and my perspective in general because I typed a single wrong vowel? OH NOES! If this thread is to the point of nit-picking and grammar/spelling police. Then its time for it to die.

Yes, we do pay for service and luxury, thank you for reiterating my point.
Originally Posted by UltimateBMW View Post
The point many of you seem to be missing in this whole BMW as a brand vs. Corvette arguement is that Corvettes are not luxurious. In a BMW you are paying for more than just the speed. You pay for the creature comforts, because they are daily driver cars. You pay for the brand, because BMW has great customer service and one of the best warranties anywhere. And yes, you also pay for the performance as well. Its the whole package. Drive it from work to the track and back.

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