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Originally Posted by Never_Enough View Post
I have so many clusterfuck bad experiences I have NFC where to begin. I will start with one from years ago that I still laugh about.

Met this nut job on one of the dating sites. We text & talk via phone & decide to meet at a bar in her area. Hour or so before the meeting she calls me saying her friend wants to go out & she feels bad telling her no. Can she come?

I explain let's save meeting friends for later & I thought it was over. I was wrong...

I get to the bar & she greets me outside with a hug. We go inside aaaaaaannnndddd...the friend is there!

Friend say's she's gonna eat then leave. Fine, but she never left!

Every time my date is done saying whatever she's saying to me, she turns to talk to the friend & I get to not speak I guess. There was also a point where she shows me a photo of her daughter & I said "She's cute". & she acted like I just called the kid a troll.

Then, at one point, she pulls out a prescription pill bottle & proceeds to take several pills with her wine.

Then she says "I just don't feel a love connection. Sorry you had to come all the way out here." Are you Chuck Woolery now, bitch?

I said "No problem, I can go." & I proceed to roll out. She says "Aren't you gonna pay for that?" (Meaning my beer) Mind you, this was some snooty craft beer place & they are too good to carry mainstream beers. I told her "No, you can get it!" & walked out. Least you can do for being crazy town.

She is still on POF today.
The least she could do for wasting your time and gas was to pay for the beer. Good for you for holding her toes to the fire for it.

How did she expect to feel a love connection when she instantly males you the 3rd wheel by inviting her friend? I was expecting a threesome story half way through.