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Originally Posted by EvoFire View Post
Thank you for the thread, this has been a very useful read, especially the part about the ring open everyday I was under that impression while planning the trip for this Sept.

Just curious, how dangerous is it to putter around at say a moderate speed? What are the chances of some idiot rear ending me?
You can get a "feel" for how fast the cars are out on the track by watching who and what kinds of cars go out on TF sessions. You will see... the "vibe" can be electric especially after a track closure and then all the nuts want to be first to be out again. I usually wait a half and hour or so.

As far as taking it slow... that is what TF(tourist Fahrt) is all about. You can have VANS or BUSES or RV's out with semi race cars and fast street cars. Just remember to stay to the RIGHT and out your right turn signal on so the over taking car knows you have seen them.

Here is a good video from a few days ago... showing how a fast car CAN get around the 'Ring when slower cars are on TF...