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Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
Actually, the idea of fake boobs, butts and other cosmetic enhancements are vivid manifestations of imagined self-image issues. (not including cases of genuine deformity) Nature provided for immense variety in the human form just as there's immense variety in the form of every other animal, plant, fungus, rock, etc. in the world. That a person feels so dissatisfied with their own "equipment," so addled by the conventions foisted upon them through "common societal mores," is, IMO even more pitiful that buying a fake watch to satisfy a very similar perceived shortcoming. Indeed, IMO, if wearing a fake watch is all it takes for one to "get over" one's "issue," then by all means, weak a fake watch.

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Not really comparable to fake watches. Regardless of the colloquial designation of "fake" wrt body, the reality is that it's an enhancement or correction of shortcomings or flaws of something that is very much real. More along the lines of aftermarket tuning, not fake watches.