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Originally Posted by SenorFunkyPants View Post
I don't think Rolex have earned a right to charge $10,000 for a $1,000 watch they are simply charging what they can get away with - how much how Rolex watches gone up in recent years?.
If you owned a glorious piece of art for years and gained massive enjoyment from it and then found out it was a fake would you like it less? ie is the pleasure you get from owning something based on its intrinsic worth or its exclusivity and its monetary worth?
I have to say I couldn't bring myself to pay $$big for a watch....I think it must be the Scottish in me.
Answering your question:
No, I wouldn't like it less, but I would be pissed that I spent a ton of money on something that isn't what it purported to be. The only thing about fakes that bothers me has to do with a seller passing them of as authentic and charging me for the as such. A fake sold as a fake doesn't bother me in the least, aside from legal considerations.

The Scottish in you:
Don't tell the McGonigle Brothers how you feel.

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