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Damn Iím late to this thread. Copy/pasting these from another forum - gotta keep myself accountable here.

Starting from last week:

Shot up to 191 lbs earlier in lockdown. Lots of body weight stuff (pushups, pull-ups, squats / lunges, etc) shaved back down to 183 (no cardio / running though just paddleboarding and golfing).

First day back in the gym yesterday, did legs.

6 sets of squats
5x10 sets of deadlift
5X10 sets of lunges
5x10+20 supersets of half-squats + calf raises
5x10 sets of leg extensions
5x10 sets of leg curls
5x10 sets of hip thrusts
5x20 sets of leg press

Feels great to be sore again.


Back day

6x10 High row
5x10 Reverse fly
5x10 lat Pulldown
3x12 low row
4x10 seated cable row


Chest day

6x10 flat bench
5x10 incline bench
5x10 decline bench
5x10 flys
5x10 tricep extensions


Shoulders day

5x10 iso press
5x10/10/20 super set: upright rows, overhead press, shrugs (same barbell)
5x10 barbell shrugs (from deadlift)
5x10 tricep split pulldown (rope w/ pull apart at the end of rep for the split)
5x10 delt raises
5x10 overhead press


Just finished shoulder day. Unfortunately all the cardio machines at my gym are closed off and I donít have a treadmill at home and between smoke and protests and whatnot I havenít been running outside or anything for cardio.

I do mix in dumbbells at home for arms + Hanging leg lifts off my pull-up bar for a bit of abs.