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Originally Posted by breezy25 View Post
I've done a brief search in a number of different sections without any success so I looked to this section with hope of finding some answers.
I'm wondering if any of ya'll know of any people or websites that rent out the boomstick-style rigs for DSLRs? Looking to do some rolling rig shots, but I don't want to spend 1,000+ for the products. Any help would be stellar!

(I also live in the Denver area, but I spend a great amount of time in Minneapolis as well as South east Florida)

I built my own rolling rig setup for ~$200. If you were local I'd let you have it for $100 since its gathered dust for the past two years.

Pardon the crappy basement lighting, but here's what it looks like:

Two Manfrotto Avenger F1100 6" Pump Cups:

Two Matthews Super Mafer Clamps:

12 to 16 feet of 2" galvanized pipe cut into 3' sections and 3-4 pipe connectors from Home Depot.