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Confusion with the Hoffmeister Kink

Seeing some recent BMW models and reading many posts on the Forum one can come to the conclusion that something wrong is happening to the famous BMW feature. However...

For many years the so-called Hoffmeister Kink was hallmarks of the BMW brand and very few (if any) other companies used anything similar in their cars. But at the turn of the century something changed. Other producers started to copy this solution bolder and bolder, what especially concerns European versions. A few examples:

Peugeot 607 (very E39-ish)
Name:  1-607.jpg
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Opel Insignia A
Name:  1insi.jpg
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Jaguar XE
Name:  1xe.jpg
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Jaguar XF
Name:  1xf.jpg
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And the recent and probably most extreme case: VW Passat
Name:  1pas.jpg
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Name:  1pas2.jpg
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Taking into account the above, it is hardly surprising that BMW seeks for new stylistic solutions in this scope. It is also very hard to invent something fresh with such a great number of other brands' types and models. Still, some of the ideas seems to be just bad. IMO 8er G15's kink looks very commonly, while in case of G16 (8 GC) it is just unattractive. Pity that it doesn't look like in the renders:
Name:  bmw-8-series-grancoupe-830x553.jpg
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Name:  BMW-8-Series-Gran-Coupe-rendering.jpg
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or anything in shape of the Vision Luxury:
Name:  vision lux.jpg
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However, the most extreme (IMHO) negative example of the kink is F44 2 GC. Again, renders were promised:
Name:  BMW-Compact-Sedan-Concept-0.jpg
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while we get this...
Name:  2gc-1.png
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Name:  3gc.jpg
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...which is almost exactly the same as this…:
Name:  2art.jpg
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Name:  2Art-1.jpg
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And this - if not everyone knows - is VW Arteon…

And why, since even old 4er renders from 2013 might be used?? The kink here is so pretty...
Name:  4GT.jpg
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Name:  bmw 4 series gran coupe f36.jpg
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