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Originally Posted by sirdaft1 View Post
OP did you decide to stick with the T2i and instead upgrade your glass?

I made the jump from a T3i to a 6D a year ago. I originally planned on selling the T3i, but once I found how soft the market is for used cropped sensor DSLR's, I decided to keep it. Now I run the T3i as a kit/wide angle setup and the 6D as a prime lens setup. It's been super nice being able to switch back and forth between the two rigs without needing to swap lenses.
Have not, but did notice exact market drop off on Rebels - so wasn't worth it for me to sell especially at a time when I'm not looking to particularly drop 2k into camera gear. But do want to move away from the kit lens, as I know there's much better glass.

The above lens is overkill for my use, and wallet as well