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Originally Posted by NorCalAthlete View Post
Bleh apparently EVERYONE decided it was leg day today. Every single squat rack, smith machine, cage, even the crossfit racks - people squatting and crap. The cable machines for leg press and everything too. I did a half leg / half back split day with more biceps and core thrown in.

5x10 weighted back extensions / good mornings
8x12 leg press machine
5x10 wide grip iso lat pulldown
5x10 reclined dumbbell curls
5x10 calf raises
5x10 core ab rotations (like doing a baseball swing movement with a cable machine, 10 reps to each side is 1 set)

Half-ass workout for today but it was too packed to be able to jump between the stuff I really wanted to do (legs).
Lunges are your friend when this shit happens. Usually can knock them out anywhere in your gym, and plenty of variations to hit everything you want to!