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Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
What is your height if you don't mind me asking?

A lot of high sets/reps in your workout, guessing your goal is just overall toning/conditioning rather then building muscle? I'd split chest and shoulder day with back day. Chest/shoulders utilize a lot of the same muscles as you're aware. Splitting with back could decrease muscle soreness, just an idea though. Didn't see any bicep workouts throughout, assuming you just hit them through auxiliary movements on backday, or skip all together?

Buy a jump rope for some in-place cardio!
Iím 5í11.5Ē heh. About 184 lbs. A lot of the reason for high sets and reps at the moment is just getting back into the swing of things - havenít lifted in about 8 months now beyond dumbbells, TRX, pull-ups, etc at home.

Biceps are generally done as a finisher after back day with dumbbells at home - nothing too big, a few sets of seated reclined curls, preacher curls, hammer curls. Generally your biceps ARE getting worked while doing back exercises, though not the primary muscle working. Same with triceps during shoulder or chest workouts.

When Iíve had breaks like this in the past, Iíll do high reps for a couple months till I can get over being sore within a day rather than 2-3. Then I switch to pyramid sets, drop sets, low rep higher weight muscle building. After a month or two of that I start cycling - 7 day a week workouts but in a rotation like chest, back, shoulders 2x a week with legs once a week, while adding in 2 running days as well (so my legs actually get 3 days a week) plus my usual hiking / paddleboarding / golf / dirtbiking / whatever activity on weekends.

BF % is currently hovering around 16%, Iíd be happy getting back down to 10-12% but coming up on 40 years old Iíve kinda accepted that the constant 6 pack days matter less to me than great food and wine and such, so...