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Originally Posted by 1MOREMOD View Post
Yeah then hitting them all at peak on single day is bigger challenge
I think that's what makes me respect them most. If I was pushing squat or dead-lift in a training progression, one of the other lifts or even both of them would be 50lbs off I bet.

My training partner for some reason could progress across them all and peak pretty much when he wanted. But he is a genetic freak.

I still try to lift somewhat heavy, but more and more scared of injury as I get older. Legs I rarely go above 315 anymore and just focus on reps, but they grow easily and can get ahead of my upper body if I don't watch it.

I love pulling, so I work that as heavy as I can...especially rack-pulls. With bench, if I go above 315 for's like my sternum is sore for 2-3 days afterwards. Right before I dropped this bulking phase, I hit 365 for a triple. But my chest hurt for days afterwards..almost like the bone was bruised. Probably a cartilage or tendon issue.

Now I go to 315 for a single, then do drop sets.... one at 275 for as many reps as I can until failure, then 225.

I'm trying to focus more on upper chest these days.
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