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Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
Moving this over here since we got away from the IM fasting topic. I don't dislike the method you've been using in the gym, but I would say that it isn't the route I'd take. I've never got the best results from lower amount of reps, so my count has always been around 8-12 when I'm working. My first set of each exercise is warm up, stretching out around 15-20 reps just low and slow with light weight. The following three sets of mine are working sets.

For instance if I'm doing DB shoulder press. First set will be w/ the 50s around 15 reps again low and stretching. Next set will be 65s for around 12 reps, 3rd will be 75s for around 10 reps, finish with 80s shooting for 8 reps. During the three working sets I'm pushing myself to fatigue. I think this is the crucial part of it. I don't like having a set count in my head, I push until I can't anymore. So if I'm shooting for 8 reps, get 8 and feel like I can do more then I'm for damn sure pushing for more. In my eyes muscular pain is what keeps you growing, don't get my wrong I'm not talking about tearing shit, but there's good and bad pain.

What I'm getting at with this is that if you're doing your 4 sets of 10 methodology you should be pushing to hit that 10th rep. If you got that 10th rep with ease, increase the weight and keep doing so until that final rep is a struggle!

+1. Always be aiming for positive failure with good form. Everyone is different. I have body parts that grow best from low reps (back), but then others (legs) that grow best from high reps.

But it' still just a number. Wherever it lands, just make sure that it's all that you got. Like JP10 mentioned.....don't lock yourself into a certain number of sets. Look at most of the first ones as warm-ups and to establish that mind-muscle connection.

Then once you hit that last set and grind are good. Move on to something else as there is no need to beat a dead horse.

Most people just don't have the intensity to hit that one set to absolute failure. It's not a knock on anyone....they just use multiple sets to fatigue the muscle to stimulate growth in an accumulative fashion.

Let's face like that is a bitch. When you do it. When you can't because of other circumstances such as a bad night or missing a make do with what you can and attack it in a different way.

God at my age...I don't train with nearly the intensity that I used to!
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